Anschutz 1416 D HB .22 LR Thumbhole Rifle O13213


Anschutz 1416 D HB small bore hunting match repeater: Equipped with a match single stage trigger, heavy barrel and thumbhole stock Anschutz 64 action has cam cocking system as well as claw extractor with additional cartridge holder and ejector An 11 mm grooved receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts Lateral sliding safety blocks the trigger. The rifle can be loaded and unloaded in the safe position The bolt face is recessed for full cartridge head support. An additional gas escape groove guarantees safety Match 64 models include 26 mm external receiver diameter increasing weight of the receiver by 12 % which makes the barreled action more rigid Locking surface is enlarged by 15 % which leads to more safety for the shooter
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