Barrett Fieldcraft 6.5 Creedmoor


None of us are getting any younger, but we all still dream of hiking out into the middle of nowhere, where we're not going to see another human being, where we can pursue elk, pronghorn, sheep, mulies, black tail, white tail, hogs, etc. Yeah, we could bring along Ol' Faithful, all twelve pounds of her. Or we can reach for the new guy, with the name that we all know, that the military trusts, weighing a mere fraction and giving us potentially greater trekking range and effective range (thanks to the barrel twist). Ol' Faithful might be just as happy trekking closer to home. Grab your Barrett Fieldcraft, a box of ammo, and your pack. Dinner's calling. Features: 416 Stainless Steel barrel and receiver Carbon fiber stock, action fully bedded 4140 heat-treated, NP3-coated steel bolt construction Fluted bolt Timney trigger 4-round internal magazine capacity 5 - 6-lb. weight (cartridge dependent)
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