Blaser R8 Professional S Off Road .204 Ruger Semi-Weight


The Blaser R8 Professional Off Road rifle offers a revolutionary stock that provides a relaxed posture and virtually eliminates vexatious flinching. Now available as a package chambered in the vaunted .204 Ruger caliber, EuroOptic is offering R8 Off Road packages at extremely competitive rates. A Letter From Blaser: "Dear Valued Business Partners, The R93 was the straight pull action that started the revolution. Now it only makes sense that we pay tribute to the original and introduce the R8 Professional S into our current portfolio. Built for pure performance; when a split second defines a hunt. The new R8 Professional S will share many of the features that exist in our current R8 line with the exception of removable trigger/magazine housing. The new R8 Professional S is loaded or unloaded through the ejection port just as the original R93. Sure handling is assured with the elastomer inlays featured in the traditional brown/black stock. All existing barrels, bolt assemblies and scope mounts will function flawlessly in the new platform. With an introductory retail price of $2895 your biggest concern will be where to put your next trophy. Order today to be included in the first deliveries Mid-February 2015." Specs EuroOptic SKU:R8-PDB-S-rifle-204Ruger Barrel Thread PitchN/A Trigger:Trigger/magazine housing Magazines Included:Internal blind magazine with .204 Ruger magazine insert Scope Mount:Not included Rifle Barrel Length:23" Semi-Weight Profile Barrel Rifle Barrel Twist:1:12" Action:Blaser R8 Safety:Blaser R8 Caliber:.204 Ruger Rifle Overall Length:40.5 in Weight:7.7 lbs Rifle Stock:Gray R8 stock with black inlays
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Shipping: $35.00